Vanilla Biscuits!


  1. 300g Butter
  2. 150g of Caster Sugar
  3. 300g of Flour
  4. Split the yolk and egg white
  5. Vanilla essence


Step 1 – After a thorough hand wash and tying of aprons they are ready to prepare their dough. Weigh out the first ingredients and Mix together the Butter and sugar until a creamy consistency.

Step 2 – then add the flour and egg yolks and mix the ingredients until you have a smooth dough.

Step 3 – Once the dough is ready I divide it between the amount of bakers and add flour to the table as required. I then allow them to choose two cutters allowing them to recognise their own and encouraging them to share when they are ready to eat.

Step 4 – Once they are rolled out and cut they are added to the baking tray, I add vanilla to the egg whites and using a brush glaze the top of the biscuits. I used to ensure they were cut thinly, however if left around 5mm thick they have a wonderful shortbread consistency. This allows you to have the same recipe for two very different styles of biscuits dependant on your preference.

Step 5 – After around ten minutes at around 180 degrees centigrade they should be lightly brown, it will require around twenty minutes for thicker biscuits. Place on a rack or plate to cool before storing or serving, that is if they last further than the cooling plate which is often not the case as they are so delicious!

This recipe is really fantastic as it takes very little time to prepare and enables you to allow them to weigh the ingredients and work on their own biscuits a great incentive for those unwilling participants.

Happy Baking!


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Sunday Dinner; 4 months plus