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Recipe – Homemade Pizza!


  1. 500g plain flour
  2. 7g sachet of yeast
  3. pinch of salt
  4. tin of chopped tomatoes
  5. A bag of grated cheese


  1. Variety of trays.
  2. A large Bowl.
  3. A jug.
  4. Cutlery; A spoon and butter knife.
  5. A few rolling pins.

The Method;

Step 1 – Using the kettle pour out 350ml of boiled water and add the yeast, leaving for several minutes stirring occasionally until cool.

Step 2 – Ensure hands are washed and Aprons are on.

Step 3 – Measure out the flour into the bowl and add a pinch of salt.

Step 4 – Once the water is cooled mix together using a fork until almost a dough, then need until a firm consistency.

Step 5 – Share out the dough between the trays according to size, for example larger trays will take a quarter. Smaller trays will require half of the dough required for the largest so I tend to chop the dough in half dividing one side into two. The other half I chop into quarters this ensure that all my children will have a suitable amount to make their own pizza’s.

Step 6 – Roll out the dough to fit the tray, this tends to take a little time so as they work on their pizza base, I tend to make a few small bowls for additional toppings. These ingredients I have not added as the pizza tastes amazing without any additions.

Step 7 – Once the dough is rolled to fit their chosen tray, it is laid into the base and the edges are cut away for a tidy fit.

Step 8 – A large spoon full of chopped tomatoes is added to the base and spread evenly.

Step 9 – Toppings can then be added as required, they do not all enjoy the same so this ensures they will eat what they make. Chopped pineapples, peppers, mozzarella, pepperoni or ham can also be added as toppings so I tend to prepare them in advance.

Step 10 – Cover the toppings with enough grated cheese to cover, the large trays require around four handfuls whereas the smaller require a small handful of cheese, Spread thoroughly to cover.

Step 11 – Place in the oven for 20 minutes at around 180 degrees. Check regularly and remove when the cheese is just beginning to brown.

This recipe is a really good children’s make, as soon as the water has cooled they can complete the process until the oven. I find it cost around £5 to make obviously with the addition of a tray of chips or wedges and some baked beans to ensure an adequate meal for a large family.

It is a great substitute for Saturday takeaway, something the whole family can enjoy from beginning to end! Also saving on the cost of the takeaway equivalent which can cost twenty pounds or more and further more it is delicious!

Happy Cooking!




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