As usual the spring urge had hit hard, I find as soon as the growing season starts I am in need to plant. In the spring of 2017 as I sat watching the seasons begin to change I felt an overwhelming urge to grow again, I have been an avid gardener, developed to share the outdoors with my ever-changing family we have developed our home garden as a sensory haven for our children to enjoy.

I had tried previously and been on the waiting list for a few years before finally being accepted for our first plot, unfortunately my daughter was struggling with chronic asthmatic episodes at the time and after trying to fit in working between sleepless nights and my elder children’s needs, I set it aside to focus on our family’s needs.

In January 2017; I followed the urge and asked the council if they had any spaces on a local site, the location was a little nearer and as my daughter was able to participate outside I felt it was time to try again. I was unusually surprised to receive a place and eagerly visited the site the following day to choose from several available.

The chosen plot was dotted with a few treasures, but mainly grass and weeds, at this point I had an idea to divide the plot by three paths, the main to be the central path. other than that, I would need some pallets, a shed and a fence to ensure my youngest could be free to roam safely on our plot.

But the first day it was exciting, and I could not wait to get in and start digging out the growing spaces ready for planting, the perennial weeds were evident, but I was grateful that they were only dotted around and not the main part of the growing space.

The mesh fence was not ideal, but I felt we could easily get some aluminium at a later date and separate it clearly, however all in all it was a full-size plot and I was thankful for the opportunity to finally grow something other than trees and shrubs.

A few years earlier I had set some raised beds at the bottom of our garden and we had managed peas, spinach, carrots and broccoli. Unfortunately, our family constantly expanding pressed my focus to using the space along the side of the garden to build a Summer house, somewhere the children could use as a play space. After adding a decking area to the outside and filling the beds with bamboo our little allotment was gone, and in its place an outdoor classroom for them to play.

The new allotment was not just for me, my plan was to invest in the space, so we could expand on the plants we already grew annually, mainly tomato’s, strawberries, raspberries, peas and carrots; a lot of which we had sown in containers and Belfast sinks on the decking space next to the house.

Anyway, this was our first look at the site, definitely a blank canvas and something that would become a learning space for both my husband, children and myself.

Happy Horticulture!


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