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Recipe – Sunday Dinner; 4 months plus

So today as my daughter began to watch me eat this week I had pre-empted and purchased twenty banana and apple packs from my favourite supermarket! Today at Sunday dinner I served up her first sample of my favourite dish!

You will need; 1 sterilised jar or cup


1 sausage ( Oven cooked – steamed to soften)

1 salad potato

2 carrots

1 small slice of red pepper

1 small Broccoli Floret


To Serve;

Place them into a blender with a small amount of gravy and blend until smooth, place in the fridge until the food has a moderate temperature and no hot spots. Around five minutes is enough for just warm after a few hours steaming it is surprising how long it takes for potatoes and vegetables to cool.

Dish up into small pots and freeze, or serve warm dependant on your needs.

I prefer to create from meals we eat ourselves, as these will be the foods served as they develop their food skills. This can be crushed down with a fork while warm for those able to deal with a rough consistency, for my daughters first Sunday dinner it was a glowing success as she smiled enjoying every morsel!

Obviously any steamed vegetables can be turned into wonderful dishes, along with baby pasta’s and Brown rice!

Happy Preparations!


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