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Recipe – Christmas Cake!


  1. 200g Butter
  2. 4 eggs
  3. 200g Brown sugar
  4. 175g Plain Flour
  5. 65g Self Raising Flour
  6. 500g Mixed fruit
  7. 1 cup of Fruit juice

How to Make;

  1. Ensure the children wash their hands and put on their Aprons!
  2. Weigh out ingredients as required, I add them into a large mixing bowl.
  3. Measure out the sugar and butter and mix thoroughly.
  4. Add the self raising and Plain Flour.
  5. Add the 4 eggs.
  6. Add the Mixed fruit and a cup of chosen fruit juice, tropical, cranberry and orange are all good to add so for me it depends on what I have available.
  7. Grease a 30cm or equivalent tin and transfer the mix to the base, level as required.
  8. Put in oven  at 180 for 25 to 30 mins.
  9. Place to cool on a baking tray.

This cake is an adaptation of a recipe from an old Marks and Spencers cook book which I acquired several years ago at a charity shop, as baking was never my strong point I decided that one good book may inspire me to have a go.

In reality I simplify most recipes to the basic requirements as it allows me to keep a simple stock of ingredients to cover a range of cooking or baking. I find this really simple to make with children and if you do not like messy makes it can all be mixed together with utensils.

I decided this afternoon to attempt a cake, my Sunday dinner leaving a little room for something sweet. After making the first cake with my daughter using my home made picture recipes, I returned to my youngest I handed the recipe to my husband. Due to nursing my daughter, the bake off became an obvious next step and despite best efforts my husbands had to be return to the oven as it was not quite cooked.

My cake although a little difficult to remove from the tin, was cooked perfectly as the contents cleared in under 10 minutes. I was grateful to have made a second to add to our stores which I have hidden in a celebrations box, although I know once it is found it will not last long.

This will be the first of many as I do not wish to spend on the items that we enjoy to make! it really takes no time at all and can be decorated simply with icing sugar or with royal icing, it really depends on what style of cake you are making. The recipe will make one large cake or two thin loaf style cakes which are ideal to make yule log shapes.

So whether your like me and prefer a simple recipe, ideal for those with food allergies. Or whether you find yourself low on supplies this recipe allows the full taste of a wonderful cake without the faff of modern recipes…

Obviously I won the taste test, but my husbands looked great for a first attempt! I do feel the real winners are those who manage to decorate theirs, above shows a selection of images that show the originality of some creators. I admit it is another skill I would like to have the time to focus on but for now, our family recipe is a prefect foundation to work on!

Happy Baking!







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