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Halloween knit: Emily/ Corpse Bride

Tim Burton’s inspired corpse bride: Emily;

As my daughter begins to crawl it is time to find a small project what better than a Halloween knitting pattern creation. After seeing an amazing homemade cake of Tim Burton’s character I felt an urge to transform it into wool, so this morning I started on my first pieces.

I will change the colours of the hair to create another nightmare before Christmas character, either way my larger patterns will be in True to form in Mary Shelley ideal, create your own characters by building up a collection of patterns, until you have a completed character or a selection of part patterns suitable to devise your own…

Whether from leftovers to shop bought wool, create your own unique character at your craft level. The more you create, the better the pattern, but for know I enjoy my hobby enough to share, given a few moments as my youngest begins to start moving I can create a few new pieces.

Obviously their are much more intricate patterns, as my previous posts show my skill set was built around the masters, this pattern was created using a picture for reference from experience with no other point for reference.

So if you fancy learning to build your own dolls, whether for home or work, the first pattern would be a great story addition.

Happy Knitting!




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