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Halloween Cup cakes;


  1. Prepared Cake mix,
  2. Eggs
  3. Water
  4. Icing
  5. Decorating pens

The pre- Halloween I planned baking was a success, the children managed five great Cupcakes, literally, In cups as I refused to pay £8 for a bundt baking tray, however our garden cups which are a great size worked wonders! After a well prepared selection of baking products, reinforcing the need for handwashing as we are all full of cold, they set to their cake mixes.

A box mix carrot cake and a chocolate mix from Aldi, all of which were simple to prepare and took very little mixing, great for toddlers to work as they required very short work process. Once they were mixed they were added to a selection of cups suitable to withstand heat of the oven.

The icing packs, decorating pens and marshmallow for making fondant! We eventually  worked through flattening the icing to cover the cupcakes however I had to place oil down to stop it fixing to our work surface. We needed a few laminated sheets to roll it between, we eventually managed to get four fully covered and decorated.

So, for around five pounds we managed to make five small cakes, this was a trial to see what we could achieve, I think they did well. A nice break in a week of nursing snotty noses… Today I will be making homemade chilli, for medicinal purposes, followed by a large piece of carrot cake!

The marshmallow fondant was a fail, we do not have a microwave so if anyone has a easier process for making an icing alternative I would appreciate the information…

Happy baking!


#Next time I will buy more so I can make my own, using my Christmas cake base!Recipe – Christmas Cake!


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