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Friendly Giants;

As usual I have recently sown winter brassicas, since then we have had a flurry of growth at home and at the allotment, but this week we are worn down with cold! I have returned to homemade meals to improve our vegetable intake as the return to a weekly shop allows me to concentrate on finishing home projects. With all of my kitchen in place It is a few final fixes to finish, and with two thirds of both rooms tiled it is looking great!

My pumpkins this year have been few, watermelons, squashes, courgettes, and marrows are nicely mixed. Last year I had five different jack o lanterns, but this year we are set a few treats to save seeds.

My friend planted four plants, two Big Max (see header photo!) and two lanterns a quick postcard and note for next year I will be ordering some seeds, grown on our site without preparation or added manure it is well worth setting the seeds. So I will be trading some of my beans for some seeds of these beauties for us to try!

I have already resourced the varieties, a few that failed to appear despite an abundance of sowings. I will try my Atlantic giants with their Australian set the Big Max, I am sure we will be gifted a few of whatever we set.

Despite a difficult start this year, I achieved my goals, Greater variety of cucurbit crop, yellow tomatoes, and a far more successful coverage of  plants in my main beds. Next year as my time is more flexible, I will focus on building up our front beds and setting a few giants of our own!

And as my September sowings start outside I hope to clear my raised beds to fill with my climatized winter crops! For now the plants are still producing, as everyone enjoys the end of the season, I can plan, resource and prepare for next year!

Happy Harvests!


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