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Today after an exhausting early morning I have been devising our next holiday homework project, up to now I have usually printed off the worksheets and learning aids which I create for my children. I do intend to stick to a similar idea but my plan is to use visual pages on the computer to add to our usual workbooks, baking, craft gardening and design projects.

These can be used for individuals to use or to support group work, I set up a visual recipe book for us to use as a family and some slides designed to support everyday tasks such as handwashing, choosing books, gardening and baking. I can use them as visual guides for set times or tasks in the day, to support topics and projects we will look at throughout the holidays.

I try to find projects all ages can focus on, refreshing over essentials and working on basic skills in a variety of different ways. It feeds my creativity, allows blocks of time throughout the day that are structured, quiet and focussed. Ensures returning to school is not such a stress, as they have worked at their own level throughout the summer at least every other day. The rest of the time is set for outings, allotment and play.

So a morning of exhaustion, became a productive learning time as my toddler went through the different slides I had been working on, from alphabet pages, topic worksheets to picture recipe pages, in busy times I will have resources at hand to structure our day.

It will support all ages in different areas, allowing me to have confidence in providing adequate learning resources, so if a project in a book needs alphabetical order or the use of a number line it will be available in one document. It will not stop them searching for picture cards on related topics which is another valuable skill in itself, but I can focus on projects supporting the core areas!

All I need now is a few more acres on my doorstep to allow for more growing space, and the opportunity to visit places and explore!…

I am so tired I forgot to sign off … lol

Happy Homework!



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