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GYO; Popcorn Planter!

Every now and again we have a movie night! This usually means a few extra treats which often includes popcorn, the last of which I purchased a large plastic container full from Iceland for a few pounds. As someone who re-purposes most plastics I have been trying to devise the best use for this large clear plastic container.

Planting Sweetcorn;

After a little thought I decided on a few planting possibilities, the most obvious being planting Sweetcorn or Flint corn in to grow for this year. Obviously if filling with around three inches of soil I can plant around 25 seeds easily and use the plastic lid as a cloche cover.

Planting root vegetables;

A clear pot allows you to see how things grow underneath, I thought about growing potatoes but as sunlight makes them toxic and green it is obviously not the best choice unless you have a window tint wrap to show growth and block out the light! Also carrots are another contender as they grow gradually and can be checked over a long period to document growth.

Mixed Planting;

Another idea was to place a potato in the bottom, three different types of tomato and five sweetcorn. All of these crops have different space requirements but for a small garden space would allow a large variety of crops in a small space. I feel this is one way I will use the containers I have collected lately so all of the children can grow a few varieties and track their growth over the holidays.

I have used large pots which I decorated with their names, over the last few years to allow the children to compete growing their own potatoes, additionally growing on a tomato seedling at the top until ready for planting in the ground.

Flower Planter;

If you enjoy flowers over vegetables, adding a cane tripod would allow you to train, sweet peas, while still having space for a few sunflower plants. Whatever plants you enjoy a large container whether it a pot, popcorn container or a bucket, the growing options are endless!

So next time you have a movie night! think ahead and if the cost effective way is unfortunately plastic, at least it can be re-purposed time and again without being sent straight to landfill. However if you can grow a small cornfield, in the container and create your own popcorn, it is another project that can create something unique.

If you enjoy a little art, remove labels using warm water and add your own personal touches in markers or paint!

Happy Horticulture!


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