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GYO; Orchard Visitors

Several years ago now I made a decision to plant four fruit tree’s in the main square of our garden, at the cost of around £35, our little orchard has blossomed and this morning as I sat I was happy to see an abundance of birds foraging the branches for food.

It has been a while since we have had a lot of visitors, The Robin was here a few weeks back, followed by the return of our resident blackbirds who nest in the laurel. Today the great and Blue tits were cleaning the buds of the plum tree, whilst several goldfinches foraged around our Buddleia tree.

Wood pigeons and collared doves often sit the fence line, peering down into the garden occasionally landing to search the garden floor. They have been visitors since my arrival here and I still enjoy hearing them call. My most favourite are the Goldfinches, their vibrant plumage and rarity over the years make them VIP’s when they arrive. After a few years one of our bird boxes attracted Blue tit pair, nesting or visiting it is satisfying to see the garden several years on, highlighting their frequent visits on dull days to my youngest.

So, today as I view them again it is as though I am seeing them for the first time! It is wonderful how small ideas to provide blossom, fruiting providing a mass harvest throughout the summer can become a haven for Butterflies and garden birds in winter without the usual additions we provide to feed them through nesting times! The natural banquet out shines any extra’s I provide…

If you have space away from feline friends, add a Butterfly house, bee box, bat box or Bird house! Sometimes a little outlay is priceless! In summer I created my own Bird finder and insect hunt for the children to use…

Happy Horticulture!



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