Allotment, Grow Your Own, Harvests

September Harvest!

As I strolled around the allotment the beans were bundled together nicely, so after selecting mainly! I set them aside to dry out for seeds. With ten plants we have managed at least 10 punnets of beans, these have been added to our chilli’s and bulked up our Favourite meals.

Somehow we managed to grow a very unusual looking cabbage, its veining leaving it more a Halloween prop than food! It really is the most unusual thing, I think it will find its way to the compost pile as despite being perfectly formed it looks like a sci-fi creature which is really too unusual to eat.

The outdoor tomatoes look fabulous and had a punnet of green tomatoes, which I shall set to ripen on the windowsill. The greenhouse is too hot and dry for my tomatoes and cucumbers, my polycarbonate which blew to pieces retained moisture and I got amazing results. Its glass replacement just frazzles as the southern position, maximises heat and light on hot days.

My little treasure is a miniature pumpkin, the little jack is perfectly formed and will be a real treat for our autumn table. So as we return to wash and store our courgettes I am already planning the meals to add them to….

Happy Horticulture!


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