Allotment, Harvests

September Sun!

So today after a week of the children off with cold I decided to check on the allotment, I was surprised to see a Good selection of squash and small pumpkins. Despite a busy year it is doing well, a few of the pumpkins will need to colour but they will save me spending on harvest dressing and carving for Halloween.

Sweetcorn thriving, pumpkin patch almost filling our ground bed I feel another tarpaulin  will be necessary to prep next years bed as the pumpkins stretch out over the surface. After a heart shaped tomato, courgette, red cabbage, calendula seed, and some beans we left to complete our chores.

An hour later we returned to help a friend move her amazing Pumpkins, she only got four but two required a bit of braun, After setting them on the pallet we carried on, I was lucky to find the baking items for our next family project reduced so I could buy twice the amount.

After an evening making traditional cupcakes with my children we have set them aside to decorate… They are under orders not to eat them, hopefully they will be ready for tomorrow nights fun, trying to ice and decorate their own cakes.

So apart from waiting for the crops, I shall leave them to ripen and get back to enjoying our new kitchen…

Happy Horticulture!



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