Mothers Day!

I have to admit the outside space we enjoy really does shine at this time of year, the shrubs and evergreens adorned with flowers are wonderful. Yesterday as the light warmed our space I had my best mothers day present, watching them interact and play together within the space. I love this weather you turn off the electronics, open the door and watch them all spill into the garden, there is always a level of disorder to the space but with six kids it holds its own.

I enjoy the variety of spaces, shelters created for inspiring play landscapes and architectural structure for the wildlife and to add height to our modest space. The summer weather has prompted a spring clean through the borders, our last woodwork collection requiring collection as the children have built small fairy dens and projects, eventually dis-guarded to the edges.

So this week we have sectioned off the outside shed using a few decking  boards from the allotment, this with an additional cabinet will ensure our expanding tool collection will have a place out of our summer house which will be set with our slide and toys as an indoor play space away from the house.

Thursday I managed to clear the deck space next to the house, using the space for the children’s sitting area and potting on area. This weekend I plan to set a large variety of plants for successional sowings and additional for using up flower, and fruit seeds which I often find adding to my seed collection yet never seem to sow them. These I will donate as I enjoy sharing the extra’s our endeavours provide.

So today I plan to enjoy a good Dinner, complete the essentials and wait for my husband to return to give me a some time to potter in the garden. After a few spritzers last night and for once an entertaining film, the occasional moment were I am reminded that a few moments can be set aside for me, at the cost of a few hours sleep! I enjoy the moments I share with my family, the riverbank being the first in hopefully many to enjoy the warm, bright days that we are currently enjoying!

So whatever your doing today, enjoy those precious moments!

Happy Mothers Day!



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