Family Postcards, Writing

By the river bank;

Yesterday was a day for excursions, my husband felt the need to take us to a local stretch of river for a long walk, unusual choice but as we walked the few mile stretch the weather was beautiful, and the world was vibrant and colourful. I was surprising how peaceful it was as we rambled down the pathway following the farmers fields and wind turbines.

I find them mesmerising from a distance but up close they were ginormous, as the propellers spun the shadows blinkered the sunlight and as we walked on the scenery shone bright ahead of us. Two swans were basking in the sun and a few large fish were visible from the surface of the water, sitting in the shallows was a pike idling out of the direct sunshine. One of the majestic birds, took flight behind us and the wingspan stretched the width of the river itself, each beat of it wings highlighted the elegance of this Jurassic sized bird. Its white plumage shone in the bright spring sunlight.

The deer made a rare appearance across the fresh green fields, they seemed to stop just long enough for us to watch them until they vanished off I the distance. I find each space I see, sets off a drive to plant it up with my own design whether it is in need of  a drift of wildflowers for the insects or a space to build a new home!

After a few miles we came across an array of daffodils, a few with unusual colourings, pom pom centres and multi headed varieties which were rare! The weather was warm and despite the usual addressing for safety it was delightful to see the space at its best.

After a brief visit to the allotment to plant some seedlings and transplanting my strawberries for our slabs to create a seated space we returned to work in the garden!

Happy Tours!


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