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GYO – Harvest – 29 September 2018

Today after dinner my eldest daughters and I ventured down to the allotment to check on the crops, and general outlook of the site. Obviously my new water tank was the first  point of call after a full two weeks of rain since the last check I was pleased to see it had passed the 200 litres mark.

The site itself is desperate for the grass to be cut, as I checked over the broccoli I could see a few heads beginning to form in the hearts of the larger plants, I am really excited to harvest these as they are homegrown plants. It will be a few weeks yet but I am thrilled to see the beginnings of a successful harvest.

One of our little pumpkins was in full colour and a small courgette was hiding under the mass of large leaves. So after harvesting them I turned towards my sweetcorn, though the cobs looked small as I checked them they were a wonderful creamy yellow and as I counted them there were about thirty small cobs. Which should provide us with several weeks of cobs to add to our Sunday lunch.

The beans were again full of pods and after setting my girls to harvest them, we ended up with a good selection of large pods. Some of which have pink beans, these I have set to one side as they are a different variety to the usual which are brown.

As it was clearly the final harvest I took the last pictures of my small field and pulled up the plants, shaking the roots to remove the soil. After lifting a few of the larger weeds I set them to one side to dry out, finally I placed the stems on the compost heap at the bottom of the plots.

My cabbages were ravaged by slugs but fortunately the hearts were intact, a small but perfectly formed cauliflower was the last to be harvested other than three sunflower heads that had managed to avoid the birds. After watering the greenhouse we collected up our bounty and set off, after donating a sunflower head to a couple at the gates with clear instructions to save a few seeds, as the plants were giants we enjoyed the sunshine on our walk home.

Happy Harvests!


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