Allotment, Grow Your Own

GYO – Over planting!

When I planted my late sowings I set them at 8cm apart, obviously too close together as  I returned several weeks on I was happy to see a good selection of healthy growth. As I checked between the plants were some had grown enjoying the nutrients the others had grown on steadily.

After pulling out around twenty smaller seedlings I set them out with good spacing on the other half of the raised bed. These I know will grow on behind the others allowing me a later crop, this method is great if you fail to maintain successional sowings and ensures I will have a staggered harvest.

I also found several large seedlings elsewhere which were self-sewn so adding them to the selection, along with my climbing beans and rogue cucumber the bed is set to over winter a variety of Brassica plants, including January king and early purple as the seedlings look to have a purple tinge to the leaves.

I am impressed with the raised bed as it has required no additional watering, and the crops are flourishing. I find this very successful, I often find that you can avoid the glut by staggering the growth of crops with this method.

Happy Horticulture!


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