Grow Your Own, Propagation

HORT – The Jade Plant

As I wandered past my kitchen window I noticed my money plant was beginning to root from one of the higher branches. I love succulent style plants, their leaves act as reservoirs and seem to be one of the easiest to propagate from. This plant I have had for several years and I have produced many new plants which I have given to friends and as donations to groups.

The branches which had air rooted, require cutting back to the nearest node or branch which will improve the health of the remaining plant. The cutting shown above could be divided however it will make a stronger plant from the multi stemmed division. The plant thrives in dry, stone mulched soil and can be set in a bathroom or kitchen where it can absorb the moisture from the air. The plant will show a slight shrivel of the leaves if it is in need of a water, but I find it requires additional water no more than twice a month.

I have set my plant in a small pot as it acts as a bonsai, any changes I need to make I do by reducing the top growth to improve the plants general health. Additionally, this plant will grow by taking a single leaf and inserting it into the side of the original pot. It really does generate roots with very little effort, also it often produces small plantlets which can be separated from the main stems and planted directly, it will take a while to produce a decent root system but set aside you will generate wonderful plants to grow on or share.

This method can be used for a variety of house plants, Succulents, Echeveria and Aloe plants. I have also used this method with larger Yucca garden plants, whatever the plant it is worth researching the different methods of propagation as one plant will then become an extremely valuable resource.

Happy Horticulture!


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