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GYO – Kings Seeds

As the growing season begins to slow down, the joy of the final harvests coincides with the drawing in of the early nights. As planning of the crop rotation is already set I am looking forward to trying a few new crops. This week saw the arrival of the Kings seeds catalogue, I have plans to double the productivity of the plot next year which will require a lot of preparation and planning on my part.

This year has been an unusual growing season, an unsettled spring led to a dry summer which created mixed germination and the survival of the fittest where plants were concerned! The catalogue has a wide collection of vegetable and flowers seeds, the content providing an array of crops including their descriptions and growing requirements.

An abundance of information is presented in a variety of tables including sowing and harvesting tables, presenting everything from salads to wild flowers. Alternatively towards the back of the catalogue focusses on Sundries (gardening equipment) including a section on their sister company; Suffolk Seeds.

I have scoured the catalogue to find some new and unusual crops to try, eventually I found a few blue pumpkin, called crown prince and a small green and white striped Delicata. The gourds were poorly represented so I will buy a few nearer autumn and save the seeds, rather disappointing as some of them look great as lanterns.

The catalogue allows great insight for allotment beginners and on page 2 it shows several collections of seeds which are quite reasonably priced. The Allotment collection has around 35 packets at a reduced price which makes them around a pound each , the collection costing £35.50. When the prices vary so much dependant on the produce, it makes it a very tempting offer if you are starting from scratch.

I am however resigned to searching for something unique, already with a large seed collection which I add to through seed saving, there is very little I will need for next year. I plan to try a new cucumber as mine struggled this year, my new raised beds will allow me to free up ground space for additional cauliflowers, broccoli and cabbages.

Despite the fact it is filled with amazing potential, as a frugal person I will restrain the impulse to indulge. However for those of you who are in need of additional guidance or desire to expand from your current growing selection the catalogue provides all you need to prepare you for next years growing season!

Happy Horticulture!



Ref; Kings Seeds Catalogue 2019 –

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