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DIY – Reclaiming space!

This week I have focussed on preparing for our new arrival, after many years working around our existing furniture and finding myself juggling the needs of our large family we finally got a break.

An impromptu search on a local selling site found a wall unit requiring a new home, for many years our kitchen has been home to our reading and crafting materials which had become a rather disorganised space. Some where that you pass through for dinner or settled in to do holiday work, not a place comfortable enough to sit and relax.

last year my husband built a corner bench that was designed to fit our room perfectly and would allow all of the children to fit in one space without the clutter of chairs. After a few days he had completed the work and I had the chance to varnish the wooden top and used a white paint to cover the sides below. The benches we had priced up for our space were a few hundred pounds each and far to flimsy for the wear and tear of family life.

The cost of the corner bench was around £50 pounds for the wood, the paint and wood stain was a mixture of products used around the kitchen previously to ensure the wood matched.

After a few hours organising and clearing the space, we cleared out the old units and I painted the kitchen wall which the unit was to be placed against. Our large American fridge was found a new home and the painting  was finished in no time. Later that evening my husband collected the unit which we had found for a bargain price of £70.

I have to say I have admired these units from afar so, as our Halloween began I was blessed with a new dining area, which finally delivered the space and tranquillity we could finally appreciate as a family. The final addition to the project will be a few new chairs to go opposite the table we purchased a few years previous, hopefully something we can up cycle to match our new space.

I have many gems which fitted perfectly into the cabinet, adding a few well-chosen items acquired from the charity shop which matched the pottery I already had completed the finish. All items which would have cost a small fortune from the garden centres from which we had previously seen them.

So, despite the lack of blogging I have managed to prepare a space in perfect time, it is priceless as it will allow me a space to work with the children, relax, bake and share a good meal.

Happy Recycling!




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