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POSTCARD – Bransby Horse Sanctuary

Another Petrol and pack-up priced excursion we have found was several years ago, we stumbled upon one summer when visiting some open gardens towards Lincoln. We had gone a little off track and found the sign post, not sure what to expect we parked up and went for a look around.

On arrival the parking was full so we followed the road a little further on to the field used for additional parking. Once we had collected our essentials we headed inside to find the entry was also free, extremely surprising for us as we had become used to paying at list thirty pounds for a farm based family excursion( only being a few of us back then!).

As we went through the shop to the courtyard there was a pleasant little café to our right but as we had arrived prepared with a pack up we set off out to see the Shetland Ponies. At the time we had a few training grounds but this became one for a specific reason, as my eldest had learning difficulties and soon diagnosed Autism he struggled with a lot of things.

As we walked the different fields they were enclosed by two fences between a three metre walkway, each section of walkway had a gate, as they were young and still learning distance boundaries these sections were perfect. They allowed the children relative freedom in the safe boundary and I could use clear instructions ie. wait, to set boundaries when they could physically go no further without a parent to open the gate. For lots of families who do not experience the processing delays and distractions which make simple journeys quite difficult, it may not seem a big deal but for children who have no fear, and are often in their own world this place was heavenly.

As I said that was several years ago now, however as they have grown we still have regular visits when possible, to enjoy watching the horses and visiting our favourites. It has changed a little over the years as they have added a gated play area and a small shop for selling bric-a-brac. It is a wonderful place which as the marker indicates has been running for 50 years.

Whether you are mad about horses or just want to try somewhere a little different this place is great, they have a picnic area set in a small field so if it is too busy at the park follow the first path to the left and head for the main stables, as you head past the block the field is on your right. This space is gated and provides hand washing facilities to ensure you can eat with ease, also the children can let off steam once they have finished their lunch.

As you cross the road to the second Gated Courtyard it opens out into another section of fields to visit Shetlands, Cobs and other breeds of horses. The walk can last a few hours or all day, they provide tours for schools and groups and have some great fun days were you can see the horses trotting around with carts.

This location can be an extremely pleasant visit on a weekday through schooldays with toddlers or on a weekend as a family! It is one of the few places were I always buy the children an ice cream or small toy, as they ask nothing to enjoy such a wonderful place.

Happy Memories!




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