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Halloween knit; Part 2

My knitted character is finally taken shape, I have reversed the front seam as it made a bodice effect. Luckily my colour changes work well with the base shape of the body, packing the shoulders and using a seam at the decrease row to define the chest was relatively easy. Following the seam throughout the back added central definition to the chest, all in all the knit pattern was simple to modify through adjusting and padding as required.

The shoulder colour pattern is added to the arms creating a great visual of an off the shoulder dress. I chose not to add the skeletal arm and leg of the corpse bride as it would be too vulgar and as a Halloween decoration she requires a little adaptation. I intended to build a flesh tone version to dress however we shall see how this knit goes. I fancy creating a version off the patchwork dress from nightmare before Christmas.

The hands are simple but effective, twisted and gnarly as the genre requires. I have to say it really looking Good, even my youngest is fascinated by it. Anyway I have planned the leg pattern already created my own visual pattern with photos to reference so I can use it again. Today food is our focus as we settle in to enjoy our Sunday, I will build the rest as and when I can.

Happy knitting!


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