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First Fruit and Harvest


My husbands new project is a bargain caravan which we hope to use over the holidays, but my project is refurbing my kitchen. Usually I choose frugal over a first choice but today I am being treated as my bargain was exceptional, despite winning a basic used kitchen for sixty pound’s it was clear that despite best efforts their fitters demolished the kitchen. So after a second delay I spotted a fantastic kitchen with appliances and extras which I thought would sell for a few zero’s more than it did, so after covering the lowest bid I continued searching for other requirements.

After a few days we found that we had won it! So today I am looking forward to its arrival, the old kitchen we have chosen to set along one wall along with our storage and appliances. The rest will be used to make work space in our summer house as we plan on making a space for the children to play…

So, a few weeks ago it arrived, as I stood in my kitchen surrounded by cupboards, work tops and drawers it would have been easy to close the door and forget about it. After my husband had sat, fed and rested I moved around pieces and organised the doors and shelves to get a better idea of the project ahead. With some fabulous wooden worktops resting on the stairs it was apparent I needed a plan and quick as the holidays were well underway.

A large corner unit was the first problem, this became the basis of the whole design as it would only fit the far wall. I had moved our wall units a week earlier, hoping to fill this wall with all new cupboards we set these aside, the new kitchen had an island and free standing units with doors as panels, these I hoped would transfer to the high units to allow new cupboard doors for the old units.

As my husband transferred the corner unit and island base units level to the back wall I set about harvesting the trees with the children, our fruit harvest was amazing the larder fridge trays filled and several popcorn tubs of pears and plums.

This beautiful reclaimed kitchen was to become a modern workspace, set in quality materials for the cost of an oak worktop. I was unsure about the new hood, at over a metre wide I felt it was too heavy but as it was set and i re-laid tiles to fit the new space it began to show promise.

So as the children return to school well rested, I am enjoying the relative luxury of my new kitchen. Again enjoying the space and focussing on our needs, grateful for the opportunity to build something new for us all to enjoy.

Above are the beans and courgettes from our recent harvests, red cabbage and tomatoes are a regular pick but the beans flourish as ever. All a bonus to our table…

Happy Harvests


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