Grow Your Own, Recycling

Pop up shop!

After a previous post I decided to sell on a few of my extra plants from this years sowings. I prepared price and identification labels using stickers with the children as printed labels were not necessary for a home project.

I set a tiered stand to hold a variety of trays, including one I built from recycled pallet wood. A hammer and nails and your set just choose two side pieces for the width and use the pallet boards for the base and sides set length ways.

All of our tomatoes, Crassula, Heuchera, calendula and watermelon plants were presented for sale and set outside in a hope a few may be sold. After a few days we sold twenty eight plants at a pound per pot, their was enough for me to purchase a few more plug plants.

The watermelons plants in 9cm pots were added to the potato bed last week, some rows I left for an autumn regrow. The plants being so healthy it seemed a waste to restrict them in pots when they could be added to the ground bed. When I return they should be settled and preparing for stretching out and setting fruit.

I am choosing plants I would like for my empty pots, the cost is equivalent to paying for one or two large plants, the amount I receive I can make the most of the spares, the additional plants can be sold or donated. I have managed to fill a few of my pots with the smaller plants which most would have discarded for their need of a little revitalising.

So as the rain waters our allotment, something I am always thankful for I shall leave the weeds to another day and focus on home.

Happy Horticulture!



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