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Craft – Pyrography

Pyrography is basically burning onto wood, whether it is writing or drawing I find the craft therapeutic, the smell is an acquired taste as you smoulder designs onto the untreated wood. Untreated wood is preferred as you have only wood, no paint, varnish or plastic fumes when working inside with even with ventilation. Any varnish should be added if required after the burning is complete and you are satisfied with the result.

To complete you will need a wood burner, soldering Iron and your project piece; this can be as intricate as you decide, it depends on your resource to what can be achieved and I have been inspired locally however structured pieces aside I find the simpler the better. I recently bought one for ten pounds at Aldi’s, which is half the cost of those at craft stores. The packs include hot iron, letter templates, nibs and stand all you need is your chosen resource or wooden piece to work on.

This project is an adult only for safety reasons as the hot iron is permanently on and holds heat for a long time, so it is best completed when children are asleep. This is how I complete the projects and find the concentration required benefits from peace and quiet. If placed on skin or a flammable surface it will burn, so it really is something that requires considering before you try it.

A few months ago we collected some logs for free, after choosing the most unusual shaped piece, after a little time I chose to make a hedgehog character, I used a marker to set the features and choosing a sturdy nib began to cover the lines until complete.

Once completed I un-plug the wood burner and place on a tiled side or metal drainer to cool before replacing in the box. It is a rough design but effective and is perfect for any home garden.

So if you craft or draw this is a great kit to have, if not give it a try!

Happy crafting!


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