Allotment, Harvests

Harvest July 2019!

This month has been dull up to now, the weather switching between climates has meant this is our first visit this week. The potato bed and it’s variety of unusual volunteers were my first area to focus on, after clearing two thirds of the bed and harvesting a punnet of potatoes I left a few in for a potential winter crop. Once I had cleared the first three rows I added a mix of cucurbits as I hoped to get a second crop in the space as it will be manured next spring it will not loose nutrients.

The pumpkin, sweetcorn and courgette bed again held surprises, several fruits are setting including watermelons a great bonus considering our climate. Tonight I am setting some more seeds as they are doing so well, along with broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, leeks and early purple sprouting for winter crops.

After clearing the broad beans, picking and watering tomatoes and collecting apples from our tree we set off to escape the sunshine. So an hours work did not change much however a few more visits and it will be back from bee bliss.

Despite the vast amount of plants that germinated, they seem to be taking a long time to establish… patience

Happy Harvests



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