Grow Your Own

Le Jardin

This week I have spent a little time investing in a few treasures for some empty planters, it was a visit to a local superstore. The eventual choices were a small Acer and a modest olive tree, both of which cost under twenty pounds. I enjoy the texture and shape of both tree’s and know they will grow into their quiet corner perfectly.

This week I built up a garden tray for transporting seedlings into the allotment, the recent visits have shown wonderful potato plants finally filling the main bed, along with hundreds of brassica plants, kale and beans beginning to break the ground.

With a week off to spend with the children, I have been potting on seedlings in abundance… Despite clear labelling my cucurbits have suffered the usual predicament and I have several labelled pots which I shall use for identification. Plantings  in large quantities  of butternut squash  and honey few seeds which I have been looking forward  to seeing will be establishing their first leaves before their treasure is clear. As usual I will be happy to have any successful plants stretching through our newly dug spaces.

The new tray holds around sixty plants which I plan on setting on our summerhouse roof with the addition of a wind break, this will allow me to set more seeds on, allowing a greater diversity in plants. Ensuring we are not tripping over the vast amounts if planters.

The tomatoes set in the greenhouse have been watered regularly, I intend to plant a further ten plants as an outdoor crop, last years struggled with the heat so these should enjoy the diverse weather we are having.

I have created some presentations to sell a few of our extra seedlings, I plan to create a pop up stall at the our home. This will allow my children to help sell our wares, I may even ask a friend to help as it would be a perfect chance to catch up.

At the allotment we will be planting beetroot , Marmande tomatoes and various cucurbits. Last night I set some squash and turnips into trays. I hope to transfer the compost into the first cloche bed, it will then be perfect for a mix crop of seedlings.

So on a sulky Sunday morning I am happy to prepare  what we need for the week ahead, thankful that the rain will water on our crops, while we get on with our day!

Happy Horticulture,


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