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Sunday Sowing!

Sunday mornings are generally quiet, the sun is high in the garden and as we settle in after our family visit to the allotment I have managed to set the majority of our first seeds. After settling my daughter into her late morning nap the warm spring sun greeting our time, I began to plant the first of our larger pumpkins out into the ground. I had previously set a load of Sweetcorn and a few Atlantic giants to be the first half of the bed. I had set a few aside in the greenhouse just in case their was any frost damage, so seeing the others growing well under their covers I added these to the newly prepared bed.

I added milk carton cloches to ensure that if the temperature drops they will have a little support while they settle into the new space. The squashes we planted had grown on this week so we I chose the furthest arch to grow a selection of small Pumpkins and squashes to grow up, as my husband has collected a large selection of decking boards I will create a few supports to reinforce the top of the arches to accommodate the fruit as the plants mature.

After clearing our newest raised bed I set our first Brassica seedlings, they are tiny but with the protection of a scaffolding cover from our Early Sprouting  Broccoli, they should grow well! With A selection of January king, Golden Acre and Red acre cabbages which were approximately thirty seedlings, these I plan to resew this week to ensure a good succession of crops over the year.

The Kale I planted over the last year is still growing so using spaces between I have planted this years crop of Scarlet Kale to grow on. I Still have several different brassicas growing on in the greenhouse, so today I have enjoyed a few hours at the allotment with my children.

My tomatoes have their first leaves, so these along with the other seedlings will  be ready for next week. After an unusual dinner I returned to cook our favourite, before preparing for another week which is positive after a good mornings work. One step closer to an allotment full of a variety of crops for us to watch grow and harvest.

Time to Enjoy, some quality time with a busy week ahead!





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