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Allot of progress!

Today was a busy day, I returned to find a few panes broken and after boxing and safely clearing them I set about planting my blackberry bushes into the tyre they have sat in for the last few months. These I set at the side of the greenhouse, all of which will give a safe barrier between the pumpkin bed and the greenhouse which will prevent any serious accidents.

The fence required re-securing so a few screws later it was a little more secure, I will be purchasing a large fence post to divide in half and set behind the main panels. My paint was being used to help family! so, I will be choosing a vibrant colour as it needs a refresh already.

I potted up three troughs with peas along one side and a selection of small variety sunflowers, along with a large trough of peas with giant yellow sunflowers in the centre of the planter. These will clamber up the archways and cover the compost bins, I have several troughs at home which we planted a few weeks ago so they will be set at the compost sides at the end of the allotment.

I find it un-usual to have a little time without the older children, surprising how much I am used to the regular distractions, I find that having a chance to sit and enjoy our space which is already producing our first spring cabbages. Our Potatoes in and the next planting of crops already set in the greenhouse, I am looking forward to setting a few successional sowings to fill the space around us.

So, as my pots of pumpkins, squashes and Sweetcorn grow at home rapidly, I am looking forward to planting them out into the ground!

Happy Horticulture!


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