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A’ Frames

So Monday was a busy day, Finding myself with a free morning we ventured to the allotment, a few family jobs to complete my husband set on with painting while I built the first A’frame. Our beans have been set a few weeks now so as the first shoots formed I decided to put up an additional structure in the first bed. These frames I have used for Beans, but obviously Sweetpeas could also be set to clamber up.

The Bamboo canes set at a foot apart  was enough last year to support the rambling shoots once they finally established. So once in place I made a few ties with my wire cutters to secure the tops, crossing them over a centre horizontal cane and tying them off! Last year I covered them with container cloches to start them off but as the weather is extremely mild at the moment, and they have been started off in our small greenhouse I feel they will not stall in the ground.

Then I added the beans, one at the base of each cane, sprinkling a little slug repellent before mulching over the newly set seeds. I learnt last year that a little preparation saves returning to find your newly set crop reduced to stumps. However I always sow enough to replace what I set in the ground in the allotment at home, just in case of emergencies.

The first bed required a little weeding! so after clearing a few spaces I added some red baron and silver moon onions in the clear patches before mulching the whole bed with straw, I find this bed is quite clear of grass so the mulch will just retain moisture. I planted a mizuna last year which went to seed and a few new plants are dotted around so I will let them grow and transplant any seedlings into the salad bed.

The water is just over 750 litres, I believe before the season begins we will have a full tank. I had taken suckers of one of my variegated yukka’s at home so after potting them into pots and donating one I had four cuttings which I set in a water tray, these will take several months to root properly but along with the four I planted into pots in our front garden it will be a good return on the £10 I invested in the original.

Next I cleared my box beds, rescuing the small  strawberry plants from our walkways and setting them in trays I hope to add a few plants at home for supplying new runners to replenish those at the allotment. After adding a bag of compost it is now ready for this years Chard and Beetroot.


Happy Horticulture!


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