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This weeks home project has been to find a corner unit for our bedroom! After several days contacting people with expensive upcycled cabinets and finding they were sold I began searching for one I could create to fit the space we needed. As with many homes the chimney is central to one side of our room and just by the door, as we needed a little more storage space I decided to try and find one to fit the space.

Last week while shopping I was in my favourite store and found some Chalk paint at £4.99, I do not usually purchase things extra but knowing they are usually expensive I picked one up in a Duck Egg blue, one of my many favourite colours! So after a little investigation he contacted someone who worked in a local charity shop selling one for £35 and he went to collect it.

As he returned with the usual war stories of parking vs 7ft cabinet, he had been given it for a fabulous £10 which the lady offered without bartering on our part. The door had lost some battoning but as I wanted the cabinet top open my husband removed it, so as my daughter had her afternoon nap I began to apply the paint!

The key to chalk paint is to give a shabby chic look! I have however found I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to painting, so after a while the stippling began to look ornate and I relaxed on trying to completely cover the chosen surfaces. I wanted the shelves to be mahogany along with the central base, the rest I painted in the blue.

Finally using a hand carved heart I had purchased from a recent venture to the charity shop on the door centre, my task was complete! A once unloved piece of furniture has now pride of place in our bedroom and fits perfectly, the best bit is the extra paint I upcycled an old chest of drawers which just fitted the other side of the chimney. So, for £15, I had two pieces of furniture to compliment our newly decorated space!

Investing time and energy, towards a goal can be rewarding especially if you enjoy the task!

Happy Upcycling!


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