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Spring Preparations!

So my previous post mentioned our visit to clear and fill the new space, the twenty minutes work was enough to complete despite the rainfall! It would have taken much longer if I had not taken the time to clear it last summer, leaving the weed bags as a cover I had very little couch grass to remove. So now again another space ready for the many seedlings we have sown this year!

As you can see these are decking edged beds, which I was looking to replace with scaffolding boards but for this year I will repair if required. Cardboard will reduce the weeds that come through and absorb water so eventually it will become part of the soil. This space however was perfect so it will be planted with our onion sets that are chitting in our green house.

The Autumn Garden set last October is still thriving as you can see the flowers are still thriving in all of my decking pots! The investment has given us colour for the winter season and beyond, valuable over the darker season. I have found that the new spring plants are surviving the extremely wet weather and will hopefully bulk out for next year!

Along with the seedlings which are germinating in much colder conditions than I expected showing that Brassicas and Cabbages can grow in the lowest light levels and coldest conditions! Which is probably why previous years attempts on warmer windowsills have struggled! So for me I will be sowing a few more successional sets I a weeks time to maximise our growing of the over wintering favourites.

The Crocosmia is beginning to show new shoots, I shall be dividing the different growing areas this year as they have grown well! Our Garden is established and the forest style mixed with evergreens and ornamental structures of bamboos add an architectural element even when the plants are relatively young!

Happy Horticulture!


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