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Spring Sunshine!

Yesterday between the chaos of torrential rain and shopping we managed to visit the allotment! The recent investments we had made had supplied us with a few large boxes perfect for providing a base for our new border, previously I had inherited soft fruit dug into it. Last year I took out the small bushes and weeded it, so yesterday as I lifted my weed bags from the base of it only a little couch grass required removing!

The base was then lined with the cardboard and soil applied over the top until it was level, to complete we had to collect a few more bags as seemingly my husbands memory had failed him and four bags vanished! My first investment on the plot this year it cost twenty pounds to fill, another space cleared and prepared for this year will be perfect for whatever I decide to set in it!

I had thought to move our strawberries which are next to the shed as this space is south facing and would make a great seating are for the children! This would require a few slabs which I have yet to source. So the onions which are currently setting their roots in the small greenhouse will probably be set their when they are ready.

Again our seedlings are finally establishing, my popcorn planter is showing strong shoots! The red mammoth, January king cabbages, Romanesco Cauliflowers and Broccoli are just setting and look wonderful! In a few weeks they will be established enough to plant out. The signs of spring are all around, the Ribes is in full flower, buds on the fruit tree’s and frog spawn in the pond, the garden is full of life!

Last years Kale seeds struggled but already the Scarlet and Nero are showing Promise! So today despite being tired, I am enjoying the time with our youngest. The wind blowing a storm outside, bright clear skies, white fluffy clouds and brilliant blue skies which is full of wonderful sunshine! Daffodils radiant in the evergreen borders and tulips rising up, Days like this are what makes the effort worth while!

Happy Springtime!




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