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GYO; Seed to Table – Cucurbits

So as with all crops their is an abundance of varieties to choose from, these include;

  • Squash
  • Marrows
  • Pumpkins
  • Courgettes
  • Cucumbers
  • Some Gourds
  • Watermelons

According to Wickipedia;

The Cucurbitaceae (/kjuːˌkɜːrbɪˈteɪsii/), also called cucurbits and the gourd family, are a plant family consisting of about 965 species in around 95 genera, the most important of which are: Cucurbita – squash, pumpkin, zucchini, some gourds. Lagenaria – calabash, and others that are inedible. Citrullus – watermelon (C.

These are one of my favourite types to grow with my children, partly because they are larger seeds and subsequently better for them to sow! Secondly because they are large leaved seedlings that are robust and can take the poor skills of a young gardener. Finally because they produce such a wide variety of fruit!

Last years Courgettes though few and far between, provided enough to add it to my chilli’s, Bolognese and stir fries. I have to admit it felt like a luxury to add it regularly to our recipes! Do not get me wrong I can afford to add it to our shopping list but I enjoyed growing and harvesting our own far better.

Cucumbers are a favourite and our first years plants provided around twenty fruit, the weather being damp most of the year allowed for great success, last years heat meant we managed one on a small vine. This year I hope to enjoy a few more treated to our table, my children love them to snack on.

Pumpkins were three tiny Jack O Lanterns and two large, this year I plan to have a few more varieties;

In the end I received; (Halloween Treasures for 2019)

  1. Miniature White Pumpkin (Baby Boo) 10 seeds.
  2. Miniature yellow Pumpkin (Jack be little) 35 seeds.
  3. Squash (Table King) 20 seeds.
  4. Gourd (Crown of Thorns) 10 seeds.
  5. Squash (Crown Prince) 5 seeds.
  6. Pumpkin White (Casper) 10 seeds.
  7. Squash (Delicata) 30 seeds.
  8. Squash (strawberry crown) 15 seeds.
  9. Squash (Yellow Scallop (Patty pan) 25 seeds.
  10. Marrow yellow and green (sunbeam) 10 seeds.
  11. Cucumber (Marketmore)
  12. Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

So this year I am hoping for a small variety of each crop with a few giants thrown in, just waiting on germination! I will be transferring all my seeds to my Easterly window so that the first rays of light can wake them up from their slumber! These however are adored by slugs so really need a salt circle at least and a cloche until they are well established.

This year I hope to invest some energy in creating some pies, stews based on the many wonderful ideas I found in the cookery Blogs last Autumn. I enjoy the carving but really would like to use the fruit for eating throughout winter.

As my first seedlings are finally showing in the greenhouse, currently needing a door renovation and still producing the first Tomato, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Chard seedlings I am excited for another prosperous year!

Happy Horticulture!





Ref; Wickipedia

Photography; Online Cc ; seed packet, seeds and seedling!

Mature plants ; The Cornucopia Allotment


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