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Allotment Tour – March

This week has turned out to be a very productive week! Our water tank is at the 750 litre mark, I really am thrilled we have managed to store so much over winter. We really will have plenty to water up with, time to figure out the connections required to attach a hose for the summer months.

The garlic is just beginning to shoot! Carrots are growing on nicely and as I wandered our space I found a small harvest of early purple sprouting broccoli to harvest! The front bed which has branches marking were my A’ frames will be positioned this year is dug over, last years manure dug through nicely as it was weeded, after this years beans fix the nitrogen it will be well prepared for this winters Brassica’s.

My late sown Brassica plants set in the central cloche bed are growing nicely, on my return I shall mulch them and the potato bed with a layer of straw to prevent weeds and allow the potatoes to grow on without competing with them. I have planted a few of my tiny pumpkin seeds which i have cloched using half a milk carton, this will provide a little warmth to set it growing a few weeks ahead. These have a selection of red sunflowers called ‘Velvet sunshine’, I hope to have success with this variety as last years were un-successful.

The potato bed is trench dug and set with my chosen chitted potato’s, I know St Patricks day is usually the date to plant but after the failure of last years crop in the heat, I am starting them early to ensure they have a good start. The children will plant a pot each to see who grows the most, as we have done in previous years.

The late sowing of last year are beginning to show signs of bolting, on my return I intend to pick the leaves to freeze and use as cabbage style addition our Sunday Dinners! A few ‘Lolla Rossa’ lettuce are growing on so the additions at the end of the summer holidays were well worth the effort.

After a few indoor sowings of small and giant Pumpkins, Gourds and Squashes to add to my indoor Sweetcorn and Tomatoes I am hoping to have some seedlings to show for our efforts. These will be up earlier than the greenhouse sowings, allowing for larger plants to be set once the baby pumpkins germinate at the allotment. These and the potatoes will let me know when my other sowings will cope with site weather, although all will have their own little milk cloche domes as this allows around 10 degrees difference between local temperature according to research. (Not forgetting a straw mulch and a unhealthy dose of salt for the slugs who love fresh leafy seedlings!)

Happy Preparations!



1 thought on “Allotment Tour – March”

  1. Spring (after Autumn) is one of my favourite seasons. I feel the weather this year is a more as you would expect, compared to last year, where the beast from the east donned our plots 🙂

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