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Trench Manuring!

After weeks of winter weather, with very little opportunity to travel due to our Transit being less than reliable, we finally packed our kit and children into the car for a day of resourcing. After a few chores we ventured out to a local village and collected up twenty bags of horse manure! nice I know… after bundling £10 worth into the pack of the van we collected some chips for dinner and headed back to the allotment.

For this years pumpkin bed, I planned to double dig trenches to place the manure into allowing the raised mound to re-cover the manure and act as an island for the pumpkins and sweetcorn to be set on away from the rotting manure.

As we arrived our water tank was at 750 litres, finally getting towards the 1000 target which should be plenty for this years dry season. the windy  weather meant my youngest required shelter, so reluctantly I moved our damp proof membrane to the lowest end of the allotment whilst my husband dug the trenches. It took two fifty pence bags to fill the trenches to the top, our previous supplier did double the amount but was not available, however the  opportunity to add some to the new bed was worth the extra.

Once filled, the mounds were raked over to level the ground bed which made the grand total of an hours work it was complete. The second area requires a further dig however it will wait another month, this space will allow for a large area to grow a variety of cucurbits.

Finally I re-purposed a large tyre to plant up a few divisions of Rhubarb, after putting a few bags to line the bottom, I added two bags of manure and half a bag of compost to set the new cuttings and crown in. Finding a developing crown from last years I plan to set it at the centre of the Pumpkin bed as it already has an ornamental grass to set a division between the beds.

After catching up with friends and sharing some Broccoli and plans for the year, we set off home for a comfy seat and a warm cup of tea! My daughter and I settled on Sweetcorn seeds in our popcorn planter, adding calendula, cauliflower and some indoor tomato seeds to start off inside I am looking forward to potting them on in their freshly dug beds.

Surrounded by the scent of freshly manured roses. I raked back the delightful soil I am hoping for a good harvest from the freshly dug space, looking forward to digging over the rest of the bed when time allows.

Happy Trenching manuring!


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