World Book Day!

Another Day!, Another dollar or pound in our case as our children venture off dressed as their favourite characters! My daughter put on the first princess dress that was cool enough to be seen in! In previous years I have had my children in buggies, the youngest dressed as an Owl, toddler as Gruffalo’s child and the occasional superhero dependant on trends!

Today we took an hour to search through our family library to read a few favourites, twenty minutes and a feed later my beautiful girls are read out! I find the debate on homework is dependant on the child, if they love reading and work they will love learning. If they struggle through the term time, do homework through the holidays to reinforce the core skills!

When costs of costumes are at £14 per set in Asda, I am thankful for our collection built up over the years, Christmas and birthday additions, charity shop finds are all set so I have no need to spend unless they want something new! I watched as a mum selected a few pieces from the charity shop complaining of retail prices! If every family spent on £14 on one costume, how much could they collect for the schools or charities that use dress up days to raise money, if  that cost was added to the one pound donation!

I have my favourites, for my children the animations created for our favourites were exceptional, after a million recitations of them, they are a great alternative when you are looking for something to relax at any time! Bath time has often been a time to share books, especially when they are young, alphabet letters that can stick to tiles are a great addition! Homework for families really is versatile. It can be achieved through any medium without being restricted to Books, pen and paper. Ipad learning applications can provide a multitude of choices from puzzles, sorting and word and phonics cards to name but a few!

All technology investment is achievable on a modest budget if purchased second hand, if finances are tight, charity shops can provide a great selection of books from 25p to a pound! learning resources for writing, mathematics, science and phonics are available at home stores and supermarkets for a few pounds! Home Learning can be structured time, for those who need support or invisible within the small investments in books or technological applications added weekly!

Families whether large or small all have traversed the financial outlays for special days, but what would happen if the costumes were homemade, the money invested in taking a new book to share at school as opposed to spending a small fortune on costumes!

Anyway, I hope that my love of books eventually captures and reflects on my children, but the reading skills required for life are often rarely centred around the books themselves. It is the ability to read that should be nurtured, whatever form of learning!

However parenting changes our ideas on learning! It will never take the enjoyment you feel when you finish a really good book!

Happy World Book Day!



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