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GYO – Family Fun!

This weeks digging and preparations have set us in good stead for this year! I plan to set beans as soon as they germinate and once they are in it will be only my corn and pumpkin bed to plant. I presume I will be waiting until the end of march for hardy plants but my potatoes will be setting off shoots, I look forward to a better crop this year as the sun shrivelled the plants leaving marble size potatoes.

The winter for us is more about temperature, when the sunshine brightens the sky we are outside as much as possible! I find the allotment gives us a second space to create and grow, after years of growing at home the social element adds a pressure to keep on top of work and limit the chaos a large family can bring. Post winter energy is high, so the outdoors brings an outlet that even a visit to the park and mile walk later often does nothing more than postpone the chaos.

I spent a lot of yesterdays digging time redirecting, distracting and in some points taking away home comforts, the older children tested insistent on clambering around which was not their usual behaviour. So after revoking, television and computer access at home for the evening I realised I will have to project plan before each visit and keep them focussed as much as possible. The point to these ventures is for family time at the weekend and work together, our new addition and lack of transport has meant my weekly visits are reduced to good weather days.

So at home we have all chosen, sown, our own seeds for those who can this includes marking up labels, were for the youngest it is all about filling pots and planting under directed instruction. This year I have ensured we shall have plenty of unusual varieties to add to our varieties, new cucurbits, marrows, tiny pumpkins and Okra. These will be new to us all and I look forward to adding and adapting my growing skills, with them all.

Some things are natural, growing has become a feeling in spring! a drive to set seed and see what treasure we can grow together. The yearly cycle prompts a journey throughout the year, a process we can complete together that promotes basic practical skills, mathematics and co-ordination, a little controlled mess that can be as simple as a small container or as large as a garden, or even an allotment. Hopefully culminating in watching wonderful plants and vegetables grow, until they are ready to Harvest.

Enjoy the warmer weather!

Happy Adventures!


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