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DIY – Thursday project!

This week has been quick due to everything we have had to complete, today my daughter was at full speed so our walk to school was energetic to say the least! I kept my own as she set the pace and eventually we made it into the house after a brief investigation of our street! Testing boundaries what fun!

So after a stern discussion on safety of staying safe and close I ventured to the garden to take stock of our work so far! The home requirements are endless but a few of the jobs I thoroughly enjoy, for example this week we purchased some plants from our local school to fill our hanging baskets. It is a bit over what I usually spend but at 50p per plant they will fill our borders and baskets for years to come. It was investment in spring colour, a few daffodil pots turned out to be twelve separate bundles which were a vibrant addition, crocuses and pelargoniums were set between for extra colour.

I have however cut back the grasses and shrubs in the front borders, as we have had a few wonderful warm days, the front garden now starting to send up this years shoots can do so without the crisp foliage of last year. Also I have removed the tiles from our small window and using a piece of wood we had left over I convinced my husband to make a sill to fit it. I think you can see it is a vast improvement on the white tiles and it cost nothing but the time and a few pounds for varnish which we had purchased to coat our table.

I have plans to visit the plot to dig in this years potatoes but I will wait for a warm day to ensure my youngest can enjoy the early sunshine! As she grows so quickly it will not be long until she is helping us plant her first seeds. As previously discussed I planted my Brassicas, Kale, Cabbage and cauliflower varieties this week. These will be re-sewn as the first seedlings are potted on but as we speak the first of our seedlings our emerging within the greenhouse. I find seeing the first shoots a real joy, these plant will be strong as they are establishing in the colder temperatures.

I have also cleared and filled a bed at the bottom of the garden which has around two metres to plant, and cleared my metre square beds of everything but the raspberries, these spaces will be used to grow on extra seedlings direct, either to pot on or as spares for the allotment. I have clearly labelled all of my pots with colourful sticks and a permanent marker, hopefully I will know exactly what germinates this year and be able to fill the gaps with whatever struggles.

So I may not have made the allotment this week but the greenhouse is full of trays and pots, all ready for the spring. A few investments in time and energy as my daughter sleeps allows for a brighter space for us all to enjoy. As the sun warms the soil, cup of tea in hand our eventful morning far behind as I set to watering my plants and completing the tasks of the day!

Happy Homecraft!





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