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Sunday preparations!

Today started of extremely foggy, but despite this I set off with a few of my girls to the allotment, grateful for a chance to get something done. It did not take us long to get there and a few other allotmenteer’s were dotted around the site. By the time we arrived my youngest was in a deep sleep, and I quickly set to work on the first bed. I had hoped to set in potato’s but the first bed required a dig over, so I removed the final third of straw and weeds and relocated the branches for the bean A frames.

I had salvaged the straw in the barrow last visit, so this I relayed to make a path down the centre of the first bed and placed the A’ frame’s either side of the centre path. My daughter chose to collect and lay a second path at the far side and I collected another layer from the soon to be potato bed. In the end the Bean bed is set for the seedlings we planted this week.

In the second covered bed I weeded and collected up the Brassica seedlings from the raised bed as it is already set for this season I can ensure they are covered from pests which will be out in force as the weather gets warmer. It is intensely satisfying working through the soil and preparing it for the next seasons crop, especially when the weather is mild and sunny.

I am well aware there are far less energetic projects for a Sunday morning, the chance to be outside for a few hours is not always possible. If the weather was dull I would have chosen a home project, but knowing it may be a week before I can return and with school restarting I will take the opportunity to complete some groundwork. A few hours work now will allow us a good start when the seedlings are ready for planting, which if the weather continues to be warm may not be that long at all.

We have planted many of the peas, beans and cucurbits this week;

In the end I planted;

  1. Miniature White Pumpkin (Baby Boo) 5 seeds.
  2. Miniature yellow Pumpkin (Jack be little) 5 seeds.
  3. Squash (Table King) 5 seeds.
  4. Gourd (Crown of Thorns) 4 seeds.
  5. Squash (Crown Prince) 5 seeds.
  6. Pumpkin White (Casper) 5 seeds.
  7. Squash (Delicata) 5 seeds.
  8. Squash (strawberry crown) 5 seeds.
  9. Squash (Yellow Scallop (Patty pan) 5 seeds.
  10. Marrow yellow and green (sunbeam) 5 seeds.

Beautiful Brassica collection;

  1. Italian Cauliflower (Di Sicilia Violetto) a Dark purple Head. 10 seeds.
  2. Italian Cauliflower (Romanesco) green, pyramid shape heads. 10 seeds.
  3. Cabbage (Mammoth Red Rock)  10 seeds.
  4. Cabbage Red (Acre) 10 seeds.
  5. Kale (Scarlet) 10 seeds.

Additional Extra’s;

  1. Okra (Burgundy) 20 seeds.
  2. Sweetcorn (Glass gem) 20 seeds.
  3. Peas
  4. Beans (Enorma)

Enjoy the brighter weather, Post Sunday lunch I am planning to enjoy a few hours snuggling, and relaxing, while my children enjoy the sunshine!

Happy Preparations!


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