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GYO – Sowing 2019

This week has been busy, in a few hours I successfully planted a range of cucurbit seeds, peas and beans with our children. The tomato seedlings are now in and sweetcorn so another round of Brassica seeds will be in order to fill the pots and get the basic crops covered. I have some lemon balm, sunflower, calendula and nasturtium seeds which will be the floral focus this year, as for us all they were a wonderful addition to our crop and provided an abundance of free seeds.

I have divided and potted on our Aloe plant, which had grown several new plants on our windowsill, as you can see from one pot I collected an abundance of new plants to pot up around the house. I find them a fantastic houseplant for both visual and care purposes as they require very little attention. I love the variegated colour and their spiral extension reservoirs, so in a sunny afternoon it took no time at all to produce a nice selection of pots. The parent plants which are now giants I shall repot this week as they are out growing their pot.

So my labels written and my pots planted I am happy to be enjoying the warm weather outside with my family!

Happy Horticulture!


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