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Allotment – 01 2019

Well today has been a busy day, the weather was warm enough to allow us to venture out and we made our way to the park. I found the children enjoy the walk and by the time they get their they have used up a lot of their energy. As we finally arrived the plot the water tank was at 750 litres, my daughter was amazing and anticipating getting very little done, I was pleasantly surprised.

The early purple sprouting Broccoli had grown on brilliantly, one plant of the brussel sprouts had developed a large cluster of plantlets along its main stem. These I have brought home to harvest and set as cuttings, this will give me an opportunity to experiment to see whether they will grow on. As I left the children to play I cleared the garlic bed of weeds and planted the newly set plants which were full of wonderful roots, directly into the ground.

Next was to dig over the first small ground bed, last year it was home to a selection of cabbages which were wonderful additions to our Sunday dinner. After removing the remaining couch grass and straw it is finally ready to plant another crop. I decided to weed a further two beds before sitting to feed my daughter. The weather was mild, sun shining and it was nice to dig over the soil for the first time since last autumn.

The carrots had grown on over winter, they had clearly formed shoots as my daughter pulled them out I spread them out between the two boxes. This should allow them to grow on this summer to a edible size, there really is no need to re-sow when they are ready to get a good start this year. The Rhubarb has begun to sprout in the pot so I am devising a new space to plant them out permanently.

The late sowing of mixed Brassicas are growing on and a few lettuce had managed to survive the winter without being slugged. Our harvest was pretty good for the first week. several good carrots, a lettuce, two broccoli heads and the Brussel sprout cuttings. I shall be planting tomato, pepper, chilli and a few other seeds with the children this week.

A few strawberries and celery plants had survived the winter so again, along with our late sowings at least a quarter of the planting areas were productive over the last few months as I have enjoyed the winter at home. The strawberry beds were relatively weed free, so on the next visit I will be planting potatoes and any other seedlings that we manage to establish.

Despite hard work I have enjoyed the afternoon, thankful for a few hours we could enjoy somewhere different. A few hours of fresh air and sunshine is refreshing after weeks of looking after the children, their illness and exhaustion. Finally the paths were prepared, the grass was well ready for cutting and has provided some plants for the compost bin.

Happy Horticulture!


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