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HORT – Winter Garden!

Today looks a perfect day for digging over my pumpkin bed, but as usual the day has almost gone before I even think of venturing outside! the winter sun is elusive and the reality of an hours digging although tempting would mean leaving our youngest at home in the warm! This would not be a problem if she was a little older but for now I am enjoying the time at home, first smiles and babbles are blissful! I love how she snuggles on  my chest as though she was still inside my stomach, peaceful and content as always!

My daughters are fascinated by the Crochet flower centre I created, I may make a small mobile for her to focus on while she has floor time. I hate the weather this time of year, I long for warmer days to, open up the patio and enjoy our outdoor spaces. It is at the moment a fleeting visit usually as after ten minutes they are back in within a few minutes. I can see the buds on the trees and shrubs just forming along the branches, the frost killing off potential pests I am looking forward to another amazing harvest!

The front garden of grasses, shrubs and bulbs is host to insects and birds with this in mind I leave the deciduous grasses to brown. This allows the insects somewhere to shelter, I will leave it until the frosts are gone and cut them back. I look forward to my Daffodils and tulips as they increase gradually every year! The highlight of winter is the Pampass grass and Mahonia, the flower spikes are strong and last throughout the winter season and the yellow flowers provide colour until they generate their seeds which are just beginning to form now!

Every year I divide and take cuttings from my garden, I shall take some as I do my first prune of the shrubs, placing them aside until later in the year. These I tend to donate to friends and family for their gardens or allotments. It is something I get great satisfaction from and costs no more than the time, soil and plant pot in which it is taken in.

I started making a mandala, I found a pattern but again found it easier to work from eye. I shall practice crocheting pattern squares to improve my skills. Between chores, sniffles and Neve’s needs I am grateful to have time to try something new. I will be planting Tomato seedlings soon but for now I will watch the sunlight dapple across the tree’s in the garden, and enjoy my time at home!

Happy Horticulture!



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