First books…

So today I have managed to type a few pages while my youngest has napped! Two more than yesterday and I have potted on other seedlings and discussed with my youngest the protocol for lifting seedlings does not involve relocating soil but carefully removing the plant! As she began to put the pot back, realising her idea of planting and mine was completely different! if I was a toddler I would probably want to fill the carpet and drive my toys through it, but not feeling the messy play vibe I managed to prevent my front room becoming a mud pit!

After a while typing up becomes a chore, especially when there are a billion other jobs to do, this takes no time at all but you can guarantee I apply the idea to anything constructive and I spot a whole other set of work to do! Today is my daughters first book day, Peter Rabbit is a great gift and she is enjoying a little book time,  she loves the vibrant pages of her new books, almost as much as me enjoying her excitement at reading them!

I have checked the greenhouse and my onions are just beginning to show, a few green shoots is a great sight and signs that the season will soon be upon us. Apparently today was an amazing fishing day, as we have been busy I decided a girls day was probably going to involve some warm soup and a nice cup of coffee. The latter I have not quite managed yet but my soup was a highlight!

It has also brought my toddler into the idea that she can read to her, so as she has never been a fan it is a bonus for her too! So while my youngest daughter is enjoying her dinner I shall attempt to complete a few more pages before focussing on something more constructive!

I will try not to giggle at the torrential rain pouring outside! did he take his umbrella?

Happy homework!


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