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Happy Horticulture!

So todays rain has put a dampener on any ideas of allotment work! I plan on potting on my seedlings into larger pots as they are growing on nicely, my daughter is thriving so I am maintaining my calcium and oil levels with M&Ms… I am ensuring a good calorie content to fulfil current demand! Lets face it, it is difficult to maintain without a good balanced diet, which has to have a few treats!

As I have found a quiet moment, I thought I would answer the questions I posted for my own bloggers!

1- What is your favourite Flower?

As a foliage loving person the flowers I value the most are those that grow out of season and brighten up during winter and early spring, that feed the pollinators! Pansies, pelargoniums, heathers and hyacinths for winter; HORT – An Autumn Garden and daffodils, Ribes and Blossom as they signpost the beginning of spring warmth and growing season!

2- What landscape instils calm on a chaotic day?

For me it is the view from the top of the Scottish mountains, or a walk along the beach with the wind blowing through you hair, crisp air filling your lungs… there is nothing more exhilarating!

3- What is your strongest practical skill?

My horticultural knowledge, resourcing and planning skills, allow me to complete projects without hours of researching. These skills allow me to provide well for our large family.

4- What is your favourite craft?

Knitting has become my best skill, due to the finish quality and the ability to build my own patterns if necessary.

5- What is your most unusual food craving?

Beetroot and peppers have become my favourite to add to salads and sandwiches, I find they are zingy and wake up the taste buds!

6- What if anything, is on your learning bucket list?

I have Crochet at the top of my craft list, macramé also catches my eye and if I ever have my own planting of willow I would like to craft my own woven creations. I would love to have a kiln and try pottery! the list is endless!

7- Have you a favourite Author for a rainy day?

As a teen it was Terry Pratchett, but it would probably be Margaret Atwood as I found the previous works enthralling!

8- To me sweetcorn tastes of summer! what is your sunshine food? 

I also find homegrown tomatoes and fresh peas from the pod are very sunny-licious!

9- If you had the chance to learn to grow anything what would it be?

I often take cuttings from my favourite fronds! I would love to grow ferns successfully from spores as I can propagate most of the plants at home with moderate success, which ranges from bamboo’s, shrubs, grasses, and alpines… Obviously seeds for vegetables and fruit are grown regularly to plant on in the allotment.

10- If money was no object what type of garden would you design?

I have an idea if I ever get my own vast space to garden, but ours has a vast selection of evergreen plants, deciduous fruit tree’s, shrubs and ferns. I chose this to ensure a large amount of evergreen foliage throughout the year, it is in a forest garden style with tree’s accenting and allowing shade to the garden. A few areas are oriental in design sheltered by bamboos and acers, designed for the children to enjoy the diversity of colours, shapes and textures of planting. The decked area is for architectural plants, with a pond and small growing areas to add fruit and vegetable plants throughout the year for the children to watch grow. It could almost be described as a deconstructed potager, play space and learning area.

The garden I would design, is dependant on space, location, and design brief as obviously it can be as small as a plant pot or as large garden, whatever it will be designed for the space being focussed on. A garden is a gift to those you love, an interactive space to share, brighten and inspires those who visit…a place to relax


So, thankyou to Tidalscribe for her answers to my nomination questions, I have added them to my sunshine site page! They were fabulous, alternatively visit her site to read them! If anyone wishes to answer the questions please do, I would love to read your responses!

Happy Horticulture!


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