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Today was quiet, chores completed I have searched for inspiration from my local charity store, Last week I found a sewing box full of stitching treasure which has allowed us to work together on our tapestries. Finally warm enough my youngest wrapped up, buggy in hand we ventured out to take a walk! Today I found some hessian ribbon which I intend to use as a canvas for wool based tapestries, this will allow me to complete lots of small samplers and at the cost of 50p it was a bargain.

I went in as my daughter is traversing clothes sizes so a few dresses and cardigans later I had found some gems she will look adorable in. One set was a tk max set still labelled with tights which had a Peter Rabbit style garden theme!

The next finds were t-shirts for all my children, obviously never been worn by their crisp material I spent twenty pounds and as they returned from school they were all thrilled with them! I tend to buy as seen with a house full it takes no time before they grow out of their clothes. I could easily go to a local superstore and spend a few hundred pounds but this way it is saved from landfill and given purpose.

I will have to go for new vests and grow suits but the few bits I purchased will look wonderful. My final treat was a crochet dvd that I will watch at some point,

I also found a few tea towels with bright lemon, red and orange accents within the fruit pattern so I plan on using one of them to make some fabric fruit. I have some filling left from making Senoir Skeleton, so when I get a quiet moment I will attempt to make them!

Finally I found a few books including two 0-6 baby books with shiny, silver and black graphics for my youngest to focus on and a felt book on shapes for my toddler, I have to say they were enthralled by them, spending most of the afternoon looking through and reading them!

Happy Crafting


2 thoughts on “Thrifty”

  1. When mine were little I had a friend with a rich sister who passed on bags full of designer clothes which filtered down to us – my daughter especially loved rummaging through and she still loves charity shops.


    1. I love them especially for books and development stage toys! I will always check them as I tend to donate a bag and then replace the items they have outgrown. I occasionally find something along the way this allows me to resource quality without overstretching, my bundle yesterday would have cost £70 at least at retail, I paid little over twenty for shop quality items!

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