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CRAFT – Samplers and Snowflakes!

The sight outside is mesmerising as the snow falls outside, I never lose the love of watching it cover the landscape, layering the canopy of the trees and accenting the many leaf shapes and branches through the garden! I love to see the excitement of it falling even if it is too cold to venture outside it is like being sat in our own snow globe!

Somehow yesterdays visit to the local charity shop solved my sewing dilemma as I found a sewing box for £4 which had three full packs of craft needles, with 2 scissors and a large selection of cotton reels in a variety of colours. Now we can all work together on our samplers, the needles themselves would have been £10 so, I was really pleased to have taken the time to ask as the box and contents would have cost a lot more to build up myself!

Anyway this means when my fabric arrives I will have plenty of threads to sew up my projects, I just need some base fabric to build them on and some wadding. So whatever your weekend project enjoy a peaceful Saturday!

As per request I have posted mine and my daughters samplers, for a six year old I think it is a master piece (the flower pot)…Mine has texture but is no great work, it is a work in progress, as is my larger project which I have paused as I need a few extra supplies!

Happy Crafting


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