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February Frost

Today we woke up to frost and snow, as I was pottering a few days ago I came across a flower press we had bought for our children, inside was a selection of well preserved flower heads, including a few lavender and crocosmia flowers, grass and ivy. I plan on buying a frame and working with my daughters to set them. I must admit I completely forgot about the press, so they have been left for a few years.

My selection of canvas arrived and as I began to search my tapestry books it became evident my daughter was keen to try, so after she had chosen a small sampler to try I drew it out and taught her to do a straight stitch. It turns out she is a natural and completed it with several hundred re-threads as she kept losing the yarn off her needle. It was nice to watch her work, I waited until later and chose a slightly larger project which I shall work on as an when I have a moment. The selection was of a variety of colours, types and sizes which will last me a long time. My compromise has been to use up wool that I have bundled from old projects, it makes a great texture to the project that traditional yarns would not give.

My seedling and onions are still growing, the moulds and fabrics are on their way but for now I will enjoy creating and adapting the sampler I chose! In the few moments I get!

Happy Crafting!


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