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Craft Blogs – A source of inspiration!

As a seasoned knitter, I have achieved satisfaction through many a successful completion of a great pattern, something that produces visually accurate copies of the original, for knitting my favourite designer is Alan Dart. I know that if I use his patterns, I can recreate the original to an excellent standard! My Halloween knit blog was to share the steps for a great finish; Halloween Knitting Project!,

And the following posts following the stages of the build;Knit – Sénor Skeleton – Part 1

Which took ten blogs to complete, If you access my knitting page on the site it links all of the related posts. You can find his patterns on his website; http://www.alandart.co.uk , with the wide range of patterns at very reasonable prices, it is easier to buy direct.

As I searched I found a few crochet blogs who carry my drive to share skills, and knowledge, thankyou Maddy for your tutorials I am sure I will be able to use them when I lose my way! search; Maddy crochets along with a few other who are adding their knowledge regularly! 

Quilts Beyond Borders; A few days ago I saw a collection of quilts, all beautiful and created for charity! I was inspired enough to purchase a £5 bundle of fabric with 50 pieces at 8 inch square it was enough to get me started, allowing enough for a few cot blankets, and hopefully a few pieces to make some autumn fruit as I have seen some amazing makes over winter!

Heidi Bears at www, ravelry.com;

So today is a day of wonder, as I have ploughed through the amazing craft and crochet blogs, with their super makes, envied at their successes I have found my call. Thanks to a skilful blogger, I have found my crochet guru, a designer really drives me to make!! Their are rare occasions when I find real inspiration but this designer creates such amazing jewels! Using the African Flower Design her patterns are geometric with beautifully accenting colours, her designs have excellent form balanced with the hexagon shaped flower pattern, I am in awe!..

I have discussed my envy at those who can follow a crochet diagram, as I am yet to find time or space to polish my most basic level of crochet skills. A few years ago I made nine toadstools, the tops were crochet and for speed I knitted the stems, they were well made but no genius required.

Winter night crocheting’s post on ‘My First Origami’ highlighted the creative brilliance in design, which being a novice has highlighted even further why I should try, try and try… so when I am next in need of a treat I will be choosing one of her amazing patterns. I feel I could knit very similar designs, but they do not hold the same colourful visual symmetry, geometric texture and quality that make this designers work sparkle!

So today I will be searching her site to see what gem I shall choose to make, which will be an eventual collection of six as I will want to make one for each of my children! Although I think it will take me a year to complete, it will be a great way to build my crocheting confidence!

So to the Author, thankyou for your post! without a comment facility I cannot tell you how amazing your Triceratops looks, I appreciate your sharing as I have found a designer that inspires me to learn…it will be hard to choose between the amazing patterns, I did find a few ready made gems in white, on a well known selling site but with the many projects already at work, I will wait until I have much less to do.

Happy Crafting!


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