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The Green Man

So as I discussed in my Previous post I was looking in investing in a few moulds to attempt a new craft to add to the many others I have built while raising our children. I found a few collections on line and the first was a bundle of Green Man Mask ornaments, as I have always held a love of nature I felt a bundle of eleven garden moulds, including five green man designs and a few extra’s unknown to myself would be great as a first project.

As I have researched he represents the god of nature which was carried from pagan heritage, the face of a man covered in foliage is often found carved into wood or stones in churches and statues. Its presence in churches is down to the fact that most locations of modern worship were often sited on the ancient pagan ritual grounds.

The Green Man is believed to symbolise the cycle of life, death and re-birth. The symbol of Godhood within the male and its relationship with the transcendent life force our Goddess, the female expression of divinity. He is a Pagan symbol who heralds Spring after a long winter and the renewal of lush vegetation.”

I have found the historical narrative behind these symbols quite interesting but vague, however as a garden feature or ornament I felt they would be a good edition, something I can complete with a minimal outlay and have space to cast and dry already set aside it should not be too difficult to find the opportunity to play!

This will allow me to firstly attempt my new craft and more importantly try a few techniques to colour the casts or alternatively decorate them with acrylic paints! it was a £50 pound outlay but I feel few practices of each I will hopefully be able to make the money back, at around £5 per successfully decorated cast.

So Yesterday the sale completed and I was the winning bidder! So hopefully in I will receive them so I can see what else was present in the bundle, I found this bundle a few weeks ago but could not bid, so I was thankful they had been re-listed.

The more unusual casts caught my eye but I want a small selection of good quality cast that I can make a small stock of to sell, as my seedlings become ready.

Happy Crafting!



4 thoughts on “The Green Man”

  1. I look forward to seeing your green man collection when you’ve made them. We have a green man on our plot and a collection in our home. We live on a boat, and our last narrowboat, which we built, we named The Green Man.


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